he still xvideos download hated it here but he was handling it; he could see no other choice. wwwxvideos.com Jake hadn't pulled any punches. He had been honest xvidios when he described how he felt when he transferred from St. Mary's to The Paris School. Somehow, knowing that Jake had been through what he was experiencing made it a little easier for him to handle. Brodie had xvideo gay felt so close to Jake. Even so, he would never take Jake up on the offer of xvideos porn calling him and letting him know how things were going. Brodie assumed that Jake had probably said that just to be nice. Having Sinclair and Cutter there was pretty cool too. But they were so close that even though he xvedio knew they didn't mean to, he felt excluded from their little circle. He also would never complain to anyone in xvidoes his family. They x-videos had all been so excited when he had told them about the scholarship. x videos.com There was no way that he would do anything to disappoint them or to have them worried about him. He put the mouthpiece of the sax to his lips. www.xvideo With x vedios a soft exhalation xvideos free of air, he created a series of dark, moody tones that drifted into the air, fell like teardrops and floated mistily away. Jax, sitting outside having a forbidden smoke, heard and was compelled to follow the haunting, melancholy sounds. He sat outside the thick wall of tall, green trees and listened. Brodie was talking and Jax could understand the language. Here was someone who was as alone as he. Jax finished another cigarette and left before Brodie could find him there. xvideos 2 ************************************ Brodie was pissed off with himself. He had missed the damn bus. He had remained after class talking with Mr. Baird. They were over two months into the first xvidio semester. Brodie had questions about the next assignment. It would be a major portion of their xvido grade. Before porno xvideos they left, Cutter and Sinclair had reminded xvedios him that he had xvideo gay only minutes to spare. When Mr. Baird mentioned Ronnie Laws and Donald Byrd, Brodie had become more xvideos hd deeply engrossed in the conversation and lost track of time. When he suddenly realized how late it was, he ran to the bus stop, only to see the tail end video x of it as it rolled away. xvideos indonesia He waited at the bus stop for xvideos red awhile then decided to walk back to the music room, hoping Mr. Baird would let him stay in there to wait the hour or so until the next bus arrived. There was a small listening room in the back that Mr. Baird said they were free to use whenever they liked. He just wanted them to keep it clean and to remember to www.xvideos com lock it when they were done. 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"You ever been back here?" he asked. When Brodie shook his head no, Jax surprised both Brodie and himself by grabbing Brodie by the hand and pulling xvideos indian him into the listening room. "Dayum," Brodie said, looking around in amazement. "Some awesome shit, right?" Jax asked. The walls of the room were lined with CD's. All types of music: classical, hip-hop, R&B, rock, alternative, country; it was xvide all there. There was also a xvidio wall covered with pictures of Mr. Baird with various well-known musicians. "Dayum, son, this is off the xvideos gay Richter," Brodie said. "You know The Music Company?" Jax asked, naming a group that had been extremely popular back in the day before they both had born but was still well remembered and respected in the music xvideos gays industry. Brodie nodded his head again. "Mr. Baird was a founding member," Jax said. "He doesn't really talk www xvideos com about it. Probably doesn't want to brag," Jax said. That's probably xvideos 2 why Jake xvideos in told him he should check out Mr. Baird, Brodie thought. Brodie and Jax sat in the listening room for hours, talking about their favorite music and playing songs for each x.videos other. Brodie looked at his watch and said, "Shit." "What?" Jax asked. "I missed the fuckin bus AGAIN, the last telugu xvideos bus," Brodie said. "I'll give you a ride," Jax offered. "Nah, man," Brodie said. "But thanks anyway. I'll call x-videos one of my brothers and ask them to come get me." Though porno xvideos gay xvideos Jax's face didn't show videos x it, Brodie telugu xvideos could tell he had hurt his feelings a little bit. xvideos japan "It's too far, man. I can't jam you up like that. I live in West Baltimore. xvideos porno That's at least thirty-five minutes away." "It's xvideos jp cool," Jax said, the tight band around his heart loosening. "I don't have anything else to do." "Okay," Brodie said, accepting reluctantly. 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Surprisingly comfortable discussing his beloved grandmother with someone else, especially someone he really didn't know that well, Jax continued, "Sometimes I think xxxvideos I hear her voice or feel her around me, then I think its just my imagination. Or that I'm crazy." Brodie laughed and said, "Well, my mother would be the first to admit wwwxvideos to being a little crazy, but I believe her. She said that the veil between this world and the next is very thin. But xxxvideos then again, my mother believes in fairies and brownies and I do too." Jax gave Brodie another sidelong glance, not sure whether or not he was serious and xvideo.com then decided it didn't matter. He kind of wwwxvideos.com liked knowing someone desi xvideos who wasn't afraid xvideos mom to say that they believed in fairies and brownies. And he wanted to meet this woman who would be the first to admit to being xvideo com a xvidos.com little crazy. When they arrived at Brodie's house, Jax was torn between hope and fear. When Brodie invited him in, www.xvideos.com he ignored the fear and accepted eagerly. Jax was not sure of what exactly was going on and he xvideo com hated that. But a x videos voice he had thought sounded like his grandmother had told him once that, 'life was a great adventure,' and he desperately wanted to believe that. He was lonely and he had no friends. He had halfway convinced himself xvideos.con that he didn't want or need friends. When he met Brodie, he had to acknowledge to himself that it was not true. He hoped that he was not one of Brodie's charity cases. Some loser Brodie xvidos thought he had to take care of or something. He really wanted to be Brodie's friend. When they entered Brodie's house, Jax immediately fell in love with the layout. "My brother Cullen xvideos brasil hooked this up. He and his partner live on the other side. My mother works nights so he put this side entrance in for me so I won't wake her up. He set it up so she has everything she needs on the xvideos japan first floor and I have like an apartment on the second floor." Brodie's mother wasn't home xvideos gay so he showed Jackson porno xvideos around her apartment. It was spotless, and had a porn xvideos warm, homey feel. Brodie said that his brother Cullen had knocked down a wall and created a huge kitchen. His mother had wanted to make sure that there was enough room for the entire family to fit in comfortably. Brodie showed Jax around his apartment and then into the xvide xvideos teen attic. Jax looked around in wonder; the walls were paneled and soundproofed, Brodie explained. The attic was a combination music room and indian xvideos studio. Brodie had a keyboard in there, a tenor sax, a flute and a violin. "Do you play all www.xvideo.com of these?" Jax asked with amazement. "Yeah," Brodie admitted, flushing as Jax gave him an admiring glance. "Where did you get all of this stuff?" Jax asked. "My www.xvideo.com brothers and sisters," Brodie said. xvideos in "If I xvidos just look at something or they even think I want something, xvideos porno they get it for me." "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" Jax asked. "Four brothers and two sisters," Brodie answered. "I'm the x videos youngest." He took Jax downstairs to his bedroom and they sat down side by side as Brodie flipped through the pages of a photo album and showed Jax pictures of his family. As Brodie pointed out various members by name, gay xvideos Jax was reminded of the closeness he had shared with his xvedio grandmother. In www.xvideo just about every photo, Brodie was cradled protectively in the arms of one of his brothers xvideos or sisters and surrounded by the rest. Gradually, Jax became xvideos. com aware of how close together they were sitting. Brodie's jeans clad thigh was rubbing against his khakis and he felt the warmth from Brodie's body heat. He looked down at Brodie's large hands, long fingers and muscular arms. The hair xvideos.con on his arms was golden www.xvideos com red and so fine that Jax was desi xvideos aching to touch it to see if it was as soft as it appeared to be. x video As Brodie turned the pages of the photo album, his hands and arms gay xvideos held Jax mesmerized. His x vedios skin was golden apricot and lightly freckled. Jax wondered if Brodie had x videos.com those cute freckles all over the rest of xvidoes his body. He wondered if Brodie's skin tasted as smooth and as creamy as it looked. He felt himself hardening and gave Brodie a guilty sidelong look. God, please don't let him see. His feelings of arousal were so strong, almost overpowering; he was certain that Brodie could somehow detect how turned on he was. Brodie turned his head, distracted by Jax's quick movement. Their faces were indian xvideos so close their noses brushed. Disconcerted, Jax leaned backward a little. Could Brodie tell? Was he mad? He searched Brodie's aquamarine eyes. They were guileless and innocent. Jax sighed, relieved and xvideos indo disappointed. Brodie was soooo oblivious. Brodie grinned at him and unable to resist, Jax smiled back. Jax wondered if Brodie lived videos x in the real world. He was such a combination of tough guy and innocence. At the start of x video.com the school year, Jax had chuckled to himself a couple of times when he first noticed the reactions Brodie would get when he went to the rescue of people he thought x video were lonely or picked on. The other kids were stunned; nothing like that had ever happened in the Paris School. The school was so small that everybody knew everybody. The school held grades one through twelve. Most of the xx videos kids had been going to school together since first grade. They were divided into groups that had xvideos hentai been in existence since first grade and those boundaries were never crossed. At least not until Brodie arrived. Once they realized he wasn't mocking them, the kids Brodie approached welcomed his overtures. He moved in and out of the different groups with ease. xxxvideo Doing his own thing. The only ones xvideos indian he really couldn't tolerate was the four person jackal pack that had been harassing Jax. They seemed to pick on any vulnerable person they could xvideos indo find and they had obviously been doing it www.xvideo.com and getting away with it for years. They gave Brodie a wide berth. After tangling xvideo with him a couple of times xvids and xvideos walking away with bruises, they opted to leave him the hell alone. Brodie leaned forward and gently pushed a lock of hair that had fallen into Jax's face, behind his ear. Jax tried to hide a shiver of desire mixed with discomfort. He wasn't accustomed xvideos download to being touched so casually. He noticed that Brodie's personal space was a lot smaller than his. He most definitely would not have allowed someone else to get so close. He didn't understand why he was so comfortable with Brodie's proximity. To distract himself, Jax looked back down at the xxxvideo photo album. "How many brothers and sisters did you say you have?" Jax was looking www.xvideos at a picture of a boy Brodie had previously identified as his brother Dyllan, holding a toddler Brodie on his lap, surrounded xvideos brasil by two other very young children. One was a x.videos girl with a smile as tamil xvideos wide and as bright as the sun and the other a hd xvideos cute Asian boy with a kitten face. Brodie chuckled and said, "I have four brothers and two sisters but you may as well say that Lacey and Kai are my sister and brother too. Not by blood, by the heart." xvideos free As they continued to look through the photo album, Jax experienced a renewed sense of loss. It had been several weeks since the fourth anniversary of his grandmother's death. He still missed her so much. She was the only family he had ever had. His grandmother had come to live with his family right after he indian xvideos was born and she had raised www.xvideos com him. He and his grandmother had lived an existence separate from his parents, even though xvideos anal they x video.com all lived in the same house. Jax got up, walked over to his backpack and removed a silver flask. He offered it to Brodie, "Want some?" Brodie looked from the flask to Jax. "You drink?" he asked. Jax thought he heard disappointment in Brodie's voice. "Just a little," he said. "You don't?" "Nah, man. I don't mess around. xvideos video Too many alcoholics in my family." Jax didn't know what xvideos japanese to say xvideoss in response to that so he didn't www xvideos.com say anything. The mood in the room had changed. After another thirty minutes or so Jax decided to go home. For the couple of hours that he had been with Brodie, the constant heaviness in his xvido chest, that ever-present, uneasy feeling xvideos com in his stomach, had abated. The feelings returned as he shrugged into his coat and prepared to leave. Jax's raised sad blue eyes to Brodie's face and there was another brief, awkward silence. Once again, he didn't know what to say. Brodie was the first person he had met in a long www.xvideos time that he thought could possibly be a friend. Brodie smiled at him, a friendly, lazy grin, as he drew Jax forward and buttoned his coat. He straightened the collar and very carefully brushed back a lock of Jax's hair that had fallen forward onto his face. Jax x video didn't move, feeling a mixture of wonder, uneasiness and relief xvideo gay beneath Brodie's ministrations. Since his grandmother had died, he wwwxvideos had become very unused to being touched. Maybe he hadn't fucked up after all. Maybe Brodie wasn't mad at him. Jax didn't xvideos tamil know it, but xvideos gays Brodie didn't see anything unusual mom xvideos in what he was doing at all. He was only doing to Jax what his brothers and sisters did to him all the time. He was treating Jax like a little brother. Even though Jax was older, xvideos tamil that was how he was xvideos japan beginning to feel about him. "Ok, now you're straight," he told Jax and stepped away from him. "Be real careful driving," Brodie said at the door. "I'll see x.videos you in school tomorrow." " 'Kay," Jax said. xvideos xvideos When he reached his car, he leaned back in the seat. His heart was suddenly xvideos free lighter in his chest as he relived the feelings he had experienced as Brodie had handled him so solicitously. He felt something that he hadn't felt for a very long time: like there was someone in the world who might care whether he lived or died. *********************************** 4 Over the next few months, Jax and Brodie began to spend most of their free time together, drawn together xxvideos by their love of www.xvideos music and a similarity in viewpoint, despite their disparate backgrounds. Jax didn't have the all-consuming xvideoss love of music that Brodie did. For Jax, the music was something he liked, another escape. For Brodie, it was his life. He had to make music or die. At xvidos lunchtime, they would go to the grove of trees on xvedio school xxvideos grounds. Jax would listen to Brodie play his sax while writing in his journal. Most of the time, he was pretending to write in the journal while he watched Brodie instead. mom xvideos Unblinkingly, he'd stare at Brodie's long fingers lovingly polishing his sax and wonder what it would be www.xvideos.com like to have those fingers caressing his body as carefully as Brodie cared for his xvideos red instrument. Brodie had owned it for just about half of his life but he took such good care of it that it appeared xvideos mom to be brand new. xxvideo He'd watch Brodie's full, finely molded lips form an oval around the mouthpiece and imagine those lips on his, kissing their way down his body and engulfing his cock. And Brodie's hair, that glorious hair, a thick, shiny, plaited rope, hanging almost to his waist, gleaming like red gold in the autumn sunlight. He envisioned himself, unbraiding all of that hair, strand by strand, taking his time, rubbing its softness across his body, burying xvideos.con his face in it. Jax would look at Brodie, xvideos.com observing his fierce, controlled intensity, his sensuality xvideos indo and focus, totally submerged into his music, and wonder what would it be like to see that heat and sensuality released in physical desire. What it would be like to have Brodie's long, muscular, naked body rubbing against him skin to skin. Brodie inside of him fucking him slowly, thoroughly, just desi xvideos like he did everything else. Brodie was a perfectionist in all things; Jax knew that he would be an expert lover. He'd speculate about Brodie and tamil xvideos some of the girls that seemed to be pursuing him. Brodie was nice and friendly to them all. He loved to dance and would attend the school mixers, sometimes by himself and sometimes with Jax. But he xxvideos showed no particular interest in anyone. Jax swore to himself everyday that he would not torment himself with this impossible xvideos teen desire and endless speculation but every day xvideos video he would end up looking Brodie over hungrily, starving for him. Every day, by the end of lunch period his cock would be hard, aching and dripping. It took tremendous, impossible force of will to make it subside before it was time www xvideos com to go back to class and to keep Brodie from noticing. By the end of each day, Jax would be in agony. hd xvideos On the xvideos download days he didn't give Brodie a ride home, he would rush home and jerk off. Some days, he didn't even remove his pants; all it www xvideos took was a couple of hard squeezes to get him off. xvidios At night, he would lay naked in his bed, penis stiff with need, caressing and xvideos hd stroking himself slowly. He'd turn over and grind into the www xvideos com mattress, rubbing his turgid length against the sheets repeatedly until he'd cum frantically, groaning Brodie's name. The fall weather had been unseasonably warm. Eventually, the cold forced xvideos teen them inside to the school cafeteria for their lunch breaks. Cutter, Sinclair xvideos japanese and Christian joined them and it became routine for the five of them to hang out together. By the time the first semester had ended, the five of them were a close-knit group. Brodie started teasing Christian about being the 'lost triplet.' One of the special projects Mr. Baird had assigned them was due at the close of www xvideos.com the second semester. He had instructed them to compose a piece, play it during class and to explain the thought process behind the development of the piece. They had anxiously played fragments of their compositions www.xvideo for each other and as the due date approached, they were all nervous. xvideos porn Brodie xxvideo was unnerved by his feelings of trepidation. He had been playing musical instruments all of his life. He had been xvideo.com in the band at St. Mary's, such as it was. This was the xvideos xvideos com first time he had worked with a musician xvidios of Mr. Baird's caliber. This was the wwwxvideos.com first time he telugu xvideos had performed in front of people that he now considered his best friends and whose opinion he valued and respected. He played xvideo com for his family but they were supposed to say complimentary things. He was the baby. Even if he had played like shit they would have told him he sounded good. Today was the day. Sinclair was startled and dismayed xvieos when Mr. Baird selected her to go first. Then she shrugged and said, "Cool." As she x videos.com walked to the front of the room, Christian's hazel eyes followed her, full of longing, admiring each confident, graceful sway of her supple hips. She sat down, pulled the free xvideos congas between her thighs, closed her eyes and took a long, deep, cleansing breath. Her strong, calloused hands stroked the drum xvideos video with a tender caress. She made a couple of movements with her hands that created a sound like trees, rustled xvids by a gentle wind. Then there was xvidoes a rapid pounding, like running feet. As Sinclair played, her hands told a story of heightening tension, fear and devastating loss. The haunting, primal rhythm she ruthlessly pounded xx videos out seemed to be bursting with horror and rage. xvide One by one, those listening closed their eyes, lost in the story she was telling. Sinclair ended the story with a blazing fury of sound, her hands moving faster than seemed possible. Perspiration gave her exotic face a slight sheen that glistened against her deep, chocolate skin. The abrupt silence, when she suddenly ceased playing, was disquieting. Sinclair's voice was xvido huskier than usual when she started speaking. "This is Papa," she said, gesturing towards the congas. "I call him that because his voice is deep and mellow but can be xxvideo hard and stern when necessary." She smiled faintly as they quietly laughed. Sinclair swallowed and continued nervously, "I wrote part of this piece a while ago. I had just read this book called Beloved. Oprah Winfrey made a movie out of it, years after the book came out. I was real disappointed that people didn't get the movie, because I had this burning desire to talk to someone about the book. Cutt started japanese xvideos it but didn't finish because he said xvideos anal it was too dark. I guess the movie was too." Her voice was trembling slightly as she said, "The book tells the story of a runaway slave. She's captured running off with her children. When she realizes x-videos that they're about to get caught, she kills one of the children, a little girl. She probably would've killed them all if she had time. The story tells of how the slave and the remaining children are haunted by the death." Sinclair blinked rapidly. "Sorry, if I'm xvideoscom rambling. I couldn't figure out a way to summarize the xvedios book that would give it justice. That would show the power and beauty of it. I'm a mother...." Her voice trailed xvideos anal off and she struggled not to wince at the identically shocked expressions on Jax and Christian's faces. "I'm porn xvideos a mother and I could understand how this insane act of madness xvideos gay and murder was an act of love and sanity." Sinclair lost the battle with her tears. They overflowed and trickled down her face. "I guess I'm like those people who feel like the Civil War happened yesterday. Because every day of my life I remember that I come from a people who were enslaved. It's like the memory of mom xvideos it is embedded into xvideo.com my bones or something. Anyway, that's why I wrote the piece." Mr. Baird was silent for a moment and xvidio then xxxvideo said, "Thank you, Sinclair. That was a beautiful piece of work." Sinclair flushed with pleasure and then sat down. Jax was next. He played the guitar very competently and gave an excellent presentation on the composition of his piece. Brodie was x video.com disappointed that he didn't sing. Cutter was third. He kept his eyes closed as xvideos xvideos he played, totally engrossed in the xvideos red music. He started the piece with a whispered chord of sound. He was xxx videos able to coax unbelievable sounds from the guitar. When Jax heard the first incredible sound, his mouth dropped open and he free xvideos turned to look at Brodie. Brodie made xvideos .com a dramatic gesture with his hand and whispered to Jax, "I give you Big Noise." As video x Cutt's playing progressed, it became evident that his xvideos tamil was a great talent. His skill level was beyond his years but didn't www xvideos match the sheer, raw talent of his playing. When he was finished, he bowed low, said, xvideos .com "That's some of the music playing around in video x my head," and sat down. Unsurprised by Cutter's brevity, Mr. Baird hid xvideos brasil a smile and thanked him. Brodie was next. He played a song xvideo he had written for his brother Niall when Niall was living on the street. Niall had been strung out but no matter where he was or what he was doing, he would send his baby brother a note or a postcard. Sometimes, it would just say 'Hi,' with a smiley face xvideos 2 next to it and be signed with a big N. Somehow, Brodie was able to capture both Niall's playful spirit and japanese xvideos the old tears beneath xvideos.com xvideos hentai his smile and incorporate them into the song, alongside the deep love xvideos xvideos he had for his brother. When he xvids was finished, Sinclair briefly wwwxvideos clasped his hand, as he walked by her to get back into his seat and said, "You got it, baby." Christian sat down at the piano and said, "First, I'm gonna play a small part of the piece, by the Master, xvideos indonesia that was the inspiration for this so